E-commerce services

E-commerce services

Gateway provides e-commerce to its clients. We use our ‘close collaboration’ philosophy and combination of resources in order to increase online sales opportunities for small and medium companies.

Since online sales are already a big percentage with respect to the traditional sale channels and are setting market trends, Gateway has designed a cost distribution system that allows SME to have access to this service, maintaining an individual visibility and also taking advantage of the opportunities given by the online sales.


What services do we offer?

– Online sales service and market development through Amazon.

We position our clients’ products on Amazon, providing a comprehensive service in that leading online sales platform: starting from the brand creation, product registration and getting established on the platform, followed by online development (promotion and positioning) and then the logistics management, communication management, incidents and reviews. Clients that choose this online sales model receive a regular sales and trend report done by Gateway.


– Integration into the Efactorybeauty platform.

Once again, Gateway is committed to synergizing forces, and for that reason we have created Efactorybeauty: our own online sales platform for beauty products, exclusive for our clients. This choice allows companies we work with to get a better profit margin with online sales and have 100% control over the product they marketed online.

Efactorybeauty provides a full online sales service that includes creating the product and establishing it on the platform, followed by the brand development, SEO positioning, SEM campaigns and content development; ending with the design, creation and delivery of newsletters, and managing social media, online reputation and communications. In addition, Gateway is responsible for logistics, promotions and advertising campaigns, as well as sales and trends reports.


– Development of an online store exclusively for the brand.

We provide our clients with the possibility to create their own online store. We are responsible for the whole project, starting from the creation of the online store, followed by supporting and promotion, as well as the logistic management of the products.


– Combined online services

We provide our clients with the possibility to combine the previous services, so they can operate on:

– Exclusively on Amazon

– Amazon + Efactorybeauty platform

– Amazon + an exclusive online store