The need to internationalize their beauty and cosmetics products is a common interest for many companies but at Gateway Future we see this process as the full establishment of a company in an environment that is not its natural market. We think the future is in the hands of those who are well-acquainted with every market and have a presence in all of them; those who go further than pure international sales and exports.


In the mature markets such as those we work in (USA, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Spain), where we face well-established competition and a setting in which customers’ needs vary arduously, the penetration of new beauty and cosmetics products depends on how the new companies know to adapt to that environment. Gateway Future knows those markets perfectly and has a team established in each one. Thus, we are experts in precisely identifying customers’ real needs and properly defining the features and characteristics of the beauty and cosmetics products and services that have their place in those particular markets.


We see internationalization as the result of bringing together customer and manufacturer to enable the latter to reach its potential market through the most competitive and direct channels.